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About me

About me – Yvonne

I’ve recently moved to Bowen in the magical Whitsundays area of QLD and love to help people with their web presence. I secretly want to move people away from just relying on Facebook.

I’ve been working with the web and internet technologies from before the internet was even a thing – before Google, and before Facebook. Now I am bringing my passion and skills to help local small businesses to thrive on the web. All at a reasonable price.

If you want help with your business let’s start with a casual chat. I promise I’m not scary!

Yvonne in front of screen at a speaking engagement


Some of my work that I have done for myself and other clients include:


I tend to build most projects in WordPress as it is flexible and has built in SEO capabilities (SEO is search engine optimisation which basically means you can be found when using tools such as Google, Bing or Duck Duck Go!). We can use WordPress with Woocommerce if you have some basic ecommerce (shop on site) functionality.


If you have more “shop on site” / online store needs we can use Shopify or BigCommerce or Squarespace but I prefer Shopify.

Blogger or other

Want something super easy? I can set up a Blogger or Wix site or something else so you can easily edit your own site.